Where is the money raised from this event going?

All proceeds from this event, including funds raised by the Playhouse Auction, Ticket Sales, Raffle Prizes, Sponsorships, and the “Donate to Build a Playhouse for a Charity” event, will go to support Rebuilding Together Montgomery County, Inc. Rebuilding Together Montgomery County is a nonprofit housing organization that provides free critical home repairs, energy efficiency upgrades, and accessibility modifications for low-income homeowners in Montgomery County. Our work keeps families living safely and independently in the homes they’ve worked hard to obtain, while also preserving affordable housing in our county and creating a stable environment in which children can grow up, and seniors can grow old. To learn more about Rebuilding Together Montgomery County, please go to www.rebuidlingtogethermc.org.

What organization receives the Charity House this year?

Each year, RTMC selects a charity to be the recipient of one of our wonderful playhouses. We then raise funds from individuals, corporate sponsors, and other supporters to purchase the playhouse so that it can be donated to the selected charity for use in its programs. We are still in the process of selecting the charity that will receive this year”s Charity House and we will post the name of the charity chosen here once the decision is made so stay tuned!

When can I view the playhouses in person?

The playhouses will be on display beginning May 21st at Wisconsin Place, which is in Friendship Heights, at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Western Avenue in Chevy Chase, MD. They will be located on the plaza right in front of Bloomingdales, and directly across from the Friendship Heights metro station. The playhouses will be on display through June 25th, and you are welcome to come by any time to take a closer look. We do ask that you respect the playhouses by not attempting to enter or climb on them prior to the Live Auction. There will also be key event dates during May and June to drive traffic to the location. Check back on this website for upcoming events.

I’d like to support the project, but I do not wish to buy a playhouse. Can I still get involved?

Yes! There are several ways to support the work of Rebuilding Together and the Rebuilding Hope: The RTMC Playhouse Project. Ways to get involved include:

  • Make a donation in support of Rebuilding Together by going to www.rebuildingtogethermc.org
  • Contribute to the “Build a House” Campaign to construct a house for this year”s Charity House recipient.
  • Volunteer your time at the Live Auction Reception. Volunteers are needed for food service, trash removal, registration, guest stewarding, and other duties as assigned. To learn more about this, please email Aaron Gonzales at agonzales@rebuildingtogethermc.org
  • Purchase a ticket to the Live Auction and Reception and support RTMC through your ticket sales.

How can I purchase tickets to the Live Auction Reception?

Tickets may be purchased on our website. Ticket sales do not open until April. There is limited space available, and as such, if the event is marked “SOLD OUT” but you wish to attend, please contact the Rebuilding Together office at 301-947-9400 for available options and/or to be added to our waitlist.

Is there an age requirement to attend the event?

Yes, the event is for ages 21+.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Your gift may be tax-deductible, but that is something that can only be confirmed by consulting your tax professional. Rebuilding Together Montgomery County is a nonprofit organization, and as such, gifts for which you do not receive any goods or services are often tax-deductible. If you purchase an item such as a playhouse, only the amount spent which exceeds the fair market value of that playhouse is eligible for tax-deductibility. Again, certain conditions may apply, and only your tax professional can state with certainty what your personal eligibility might be.

What are the insurance implications?

The playhouses are donated to Rebuilding Together Montgomery County, and are being auction “as is.” In attending the Rebuilding Hope: RTMC Playhouse Project Live Auction Reception, guests acknowledge via the waiver at registration that neither the builder, architect, TW Perry, nor Rebuilding Together Montgomery County will be held liable for any damage or injury sustained as a result of the playhouse, either on premises or during transportation. You are responsible for any insurance you wish to place on the playhouse subsequent to delivery to your property.

What are my responsibilities if I’m interested in purchasing a playhouse?

For anyone wishing to place a PROXY BID, purchase a playhouse outright, or bid on a playhouse during the Live Auction & Reception, you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions within the Bill of Sale and the Bidder Waiver. Please see these documents for more information.

Can my playhouse be customized or modified?

No. Playhouses are sold “as is”, unless otherwise stipulated. If there are additions or changes you wish to make, you can discuss that with your builder for additional cost.

Can I contact the playhouse builders directly?

Builders, remodelers, architects, designers, and material supply companies may be contacted if you are interested in pursuing them for professional services. In fact, we strongly encourage that you show your patronage to these community-minded companies.Should you have follow-up questions about your playhouse purchase, however, we ask that you begin the discussion by contacting Rebuilding Together at 301-933-2700. The builder’s direct involvement with the playhouse project ends when they donate their finished product to RTMC. They are not obligated to support their playhouse beyond this point.

How do I make a payment for a purchased playhouse?

Payment can be made in the following ways:
  • Cash donation
  • By personal check on-site at the Live Auction event
  • By credit card, on-site at the Live Auction event
Please keep in mind that credit cards have processing fees, and AMEX has a significantly higher processing fee than Visa or Mastercard.Payment in full is expected on-site at the Live Auction event. We will not invoice you at a later date. Please do not bid on a playhouse if you do not have the means or ability to pay at that time.If you anticipate purchasing a playhouse and would like to arrange a wire transfer in advance, I encourage you to contact the Rebuilding Together office at 301-947-9400. Only if we have verified your information in advance of the event will this be an acceptable form of payment.

How are the playhouses transported to my house?

TW Perry, a local material supply company with more than 100 years of experience serving the greater Washington DC metro area, has generously donated all transportation services within a 50 mile radius of Chevy Chase, Maryland.After you have won your auction, we will ask you to select a delivery time from a list of pre-confirmed options. TW Perry will transport the playhouses to your address. Barring obstacles such as fencing, drainage ditches, trees or vehicles, TW Perry will place the playhouse on your property at the location of your choosing. If they are unable to reach your intended placement due to obstacles such as the ones listed above, they will deliver the playhouse to your driveway or curbside, as designed by you or a representative. The movement of the playhouse from that point forward will be your responsibility.

When can I expect delivery?

Because Wisconsin Place cannot host the playhouses indefinitely beyond the Live Auction, RTMC and TW Perry have arranged delivery dates during the last week of June, from which you can select a date and time that is convenient for you at the time of checkout. We will not hold the playhouses for a period longer than those listed. After such time, the playhouse will be moved to storage, and transportation will be your responsibility.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about Rebuilding Hope: The RTMC Playhouse Project, you are encouraged to call the Rebuilding Together Montgomery County office at 301-947-9400 or email Lee-Berkeley Shaw, Director of Development, at lshaw@rebuildingtogethermc.org


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